Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Four Lessons for Teachers from Bruce Lee

Last week, at one of my favorite used book stores, I picked up a book of quotes by Bruce Lee, called "Striking Thoughts".

I knew Bruce was a bit of a philosopher and definitely a sharp guy, otherwise I wouldn't have looked at the book. But, I didn't expect to find so many great thoughts about teaching and training:
  • "Remember, I am no teacher; I can merely be a signpost for a traveler who is lost"
  • "The ideal teacher - not 'what' to think, but 'how' to think"
  • "Defeat simply tells me that something is wrong in my doing it is a path to success and truth"
  • "Where method is, freedom is not"

I have often said that facilitation is more like zen than any other activity I can think of - Bruce's words confirmed that for me.
Can there be four better lessons for teachers and students than:
  1. Take my words and do with them what you will. Your milage may vary...
  2. Observe and explore my process, not my content.
  3. Failure is not only to be expected, but welcomed and even celebrated.
  4. If you didn't hear me the first time, reread 1, 2, & 3!!